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heyy so im not gonna be very active here anymore and be more active on king-merridew . I might post from time to time but really that's all. We'll see.


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I love to draw, animate, and go on the computer. I also love to have fun, and make people laugh. I think you can tell I am a big Warriors fan. Dont be afraid to talk to me, I wont bite. I love to talk to people, and I thank everyone for welcoming me here. My fav charaters from Warriors are: 1. Longtail 2. Scourge 3. Ashfur 4. Blackstar 5. Ravenpaw 6. Graystripe 7. Dustpelt 8. Cloudtail 9. Jayfeather 10. Hawkfrost 11. Swiftpaw 12. Breezepelt 13. Darkstripe 14. Mudclaw 15. Runningwind 16. Tigerstar 17. Redtail 18. Crowfeather 19. Brambleclaw 20. Fallen leaves 21. Kestrelflight 22. Goosefeather 23. Antpelt 24. Snowtuft 25. Snowkit 26. Whitestorm 27. Crookedstar 28. Lionheart 29. Rainwhisker 30. Sootfur

My bros~ :iconprussiawashere999: :icontimepuppy: :iconmaracat0901: :iconscarfythedoge: :iconbouncerr: :iconcnsh-society: :iconpokemonpuppy1: They are in no order

Which Warrior Clan Would You Be In?
Which Warrior Clan Would You Be In?
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What I'm a fan of~

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You can email me at
So sorry I haven't been on much. I'm working on redoing a bunch of my old drawings, cuz, why not? I'll eventually post more speedpaints on YouTube when I find the time. I've made a bunch, just never posted them. I'm also working on Chapter 3 of Warriors: The Four Clans Book 1. I've actually decided I want to redo Chapter 1 and 2. This is because I think things were rushed, especially in 2. I want to keep them all kits for a few chapters, at least, like how they did in Yellowfang's Secret. I'm working on Waterstar's Story too, and also Longtail's Loyalty. I also want to write another series about my own made up cats that take place in the books: Bluestar's Prophecy, Tallstar's Revenge, Yellowfang's Secret, and Crookedstar's Promise. They will have their own experiences. It's an idea. I've already made up the allegiances, even though it's just all the real cats with my added on OCs. I'm also working on another series that I may do, that's supposed to take place after Waterstar's Story. If I do this, I might kill off Waterstar, since she is pretty old. I doubt it though. But before these series come along, I will write up 5 books about 5 cats I make up from each clan: The first book is about a tom named Stormkit, that comes from RiverClan. The book will be called Stormstrike's Story. The second book will be about a kit named Adderkit that lives in ShadowClan. The book will be called: Adderscar's Choice. The third book will be about a kit named Morningkit that's raised in WindClan. The book will be called: Morningshade's Life. The fourth book will be about a kit named Silverkit that's from ThunderClan. It will be called: Silverblaze's Dream. AND the fifth is about a kit named Thistle that's raised in BloodClan. It's be called Thistle's Promise. These 5 books are all going to take place all at the same time: After The Last Hope. They will be kind of like Super Editions, Like Crookedstar's Promise, Tallstar's Revenge, ect. But Waterstar's Story, Longtail's Loyalty, The Four Clans, Adderscar's Choice, Morningshade's Life, Stormstrike's Story, Silverblaze's Dream, and Thistle's Promise all come first. The rest come later. Stay tuned for any chapters for any of these series or books that I post!


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